The Deck


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trio of house dips w/ flat bread VV                                                          12

sweet potato arancini  w/ mint yoghurt dressing VV                        12

bourbon glazed spicy buffalo wings w/ ranch dressing                    14

salt & pepper calamari w/ mango aioli                                                   16

octopus & chorizo salad w/ artichoke and rocket G                           16

soup of the day w/ crusty bread VV                                                         16

TO SHARE                                             

rustic wood fired dough garlic, herb parmesan and rocket /tomato basil and parmesan VV             12

vegetarian mezze plate an assortment of roast mediterranean veg, sweet potato arancini, flat bread and caprese salad GVV                                                                                                                                                          20

salumi plate a selection of cured meats, green olives, dips & bread           G                                            22


rocket & pear salad w/ parmesan and spanish onion        GVV       14

roast mediterranean veg salad w/ cous cous and haloumi GV      15

caprese salad heirloom tomatoes and buffalo mozerella GV         15

baby beet salad w/ labna, baby spinach & hazelnut GV   15


vegan burger zucchini & pumpkin fritter, chia & quinoa, field mushroom, red pepper, chilli jam and notzarella w/ sweet potato fries VV                                                                                                                    20

cajun spiced blackened atlantic salmon w/ pineapple, coriander, red pepper & macadamia salsa, smashed chats and veg  G                                                                                                                                                   29

slow braised lamb shoulder w/ roast mediterranean veg, cous cous & goats cheese salad and lamb jus                                                                                                                                                                                  29

pan roasted chicken breast stuffed w/ goats cheese, sundried tomato & baby spinach, wrapped in serrano ham and grilled polenta G                                                                                                                              29

angus scotch fillet 350g w/ smashed new potatoes and veg choose café de Paris butte r/ red wine jus / creamy pink peppercorn sauce G                                                                                                        32

bbq pork spare ribs bourbon glaze w/ sweet potato fries and buttermilk coleslaw G                          32


spaghetti bolognese slow braised beef in tomato & red wine sauce                                                          20

vegan linguini cherry tomatoes, pumpkin, artichoke, capers, olives and rocket pesto VV                 22

fetttucini w/ chorizo, eggplant, artichoke, baby spinach and mushroom in tomato sauce                                 24

rigatoni w/ chicken, avocado, cherry tomato, basil and garlic cream sauce                                             24

veal tortellini boscailoa bacon, mushroom, garlic & cream sauce                                                              24

spaghetti del-mare chilli prawns, mussels, squid and salmon white  wine and napoli sauce             26

potato gnocchi w/ blue swimmer crab, bacon, sundried tomatoes onion, rocket and a brandy cream sauce                                                                                                                                                                                           26

WOODFIRED PIZZA               

medium 13” / large 15” / gluten free base $4 / half & half- large only  $1 / vegan cheese  $4

margherita fresh tomato, baby bocconcini, basil, oregano and garlic VV                                 20/23

Thirroul sliced potatoes, garlic and rosemary VV                                                                                20/23

hawaiian double smoked ham and pineapple                                                                                     20/23

bbq meat pepperoni, bacon and double smoked ham                                                                     20/23

vegetarian tandoori sweet potato, capsicum, onion, fetta, coriander, baby spinach and mint yoghurt VV                                                                                                                                                                20/23

mexicana pepperoni, capsicum, onion, chilli and olives                                                                   20/23

chorizo baby spinach, haloumi, olives and eggplant                                                                         22/25

chicken & bacon, sundried tomatoes, avocado and lime sour cream                                          22/25

grande mushrooms, capsicum, onions, olives, pineapple, ham and pepperoni                      23/26

the deck smoked salmon, sundried tomatoes, jalapenos, coriander, avocado and lime sour cream                                                                                                                                                                               23/26

pulled pork sundried tomato, capsicum, marinated mushroom and bourbon glaze             23/26

proscuitto prawns, chilli, rocket, parmesan & aged balsamic                                                         23/26




chips w/ garlic aioli GVV                                                                                7

sweet potato chips w/ tandoori aioli GVV                                             9

seasonal veg GVV                                                                                         10


KIDS receive a free drink and ice-cream                                             14

spaghetti bolognese G

fettuccini carbornara G

hawaiian pizza /

cheese burger

margherita pizza V



italian doughnuts w/warm chocolate hazelnut ganache and vanilla bean gelato                                   12

tiramisu espresso sponge, mascarpone, biscotti and chocolate gelato                                                      12

baked banoffee cheesecake w/ butterscotch sauce and salted caramel gelato                                      12

vegan chocolate brownie w/ coconut ice-cream and berry coulis                                                                12

apple & wild berry crumble w/ rhubarb crumble and white chocolate & raspberry gelato               12






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