Situated on the top floor of the historic Ryan’s Hotel in Thirroul. This warm & inviting restaurant serves modern Australian cuisine with an Italian twist.

Open For:

  • Dinner 5pm-late Friday, Saturday ,Sunday

Mushroom Arancini (V) $12
With arrabbiata sauce and chive mayo
Stone-baked Bruschetta (V*) $15
Tomato, onion, basil pesto and bocconcini
Meat and Cheese Board $25

Pasta and Risotto

Creamy Chicken Fettuccine $22
Sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms and capers
Tomato Pesto Fettucine (V) $18
Bocconcini, roasted cherry tomatoes and basil pesto
Creamy Mushroom Risotto (V/GF) $18
Oyster and shiitake, shimeji and button mushrooms
Lemon Risotto with Octopus (GF) $24
With spinach and lemon zest
Spaghetti Sefood Marinara (L) $24
Prawns, squid, green mussels and Napolitana sauce


Beef Cheek (GF/L) $24
With carrot purée, kale, snow peas, radish, parsnip chips and red wine jus
Chicken Piccata $22
Pearl couscous, carrots, asparagus, capers, snow pea tendrils, black potato strings and lemon-butter sauce
Quail GF (L) $25
With raspberry-gastrique glaze, parsnip and purple cabbage purée, roasted leek, vegetable-mushroom
couscous gastrique sauce
Cauliflower Steak (V/GF) $18
With potato thins, pickled pumpkin, 7-hour brown onions, Brussels sprouts, balsamic onions, radish, chive
mayo and vegetarian demi-glaze
Herb-crusted Fish (L) $22
With broccolini, radish, potato and smetana sauce
Goat-cheese and Beets (V*) $16
Smoked goat-cheese, mesclun, roasted cherry-tomatoes, marinated golden beets, roasted red
beets and vinaigrette-dressing, pine nuts
Octopus (L) $18
Baby cos, green beans, red onion, potato-shots, caper-berries, lemon, tarragon mayo and
pomegranate dressing


with Spaghetti, chips or steamed veg $10
Hawaiian Pizza $10
Margharita Pizza $10

P I Z Z A  M E N U

Large 15' Bases
Gluten Free Base $4.00 I Vegan Cheese $4.00 I Half-half Pizzas $1.00

Margherita Fresh tomato, bocconcini, basil and garlic (VVE) $23.00
Thirroul Olive oil base, sliced potato, garlic and rosemary (VVE) $23.00
Smoked Pulled Pork Smoked pulled pork, onion and housemade bbq sauce $23.00
Hawaiian Double smoked ham and pineapple $23.00
BBQ Meat  BBQ Sauce, pepperoni, bacon and double smoked ham $23.00
Mexicana Pepperoni, capsicum, onion, olives and chilli $23.00
Vegetarian Baby spinach, capsicum, olives, mushroom, sundried tomato, onion and basil (VVE) $23.00
Perri-perri Chicken Sundried tomato, onion, capsicum and perri perri sauce 25.00
Chorizo Haloumi, roasted eggplant, olives and baby spinach $25.00
Chicken and Bacon Sundried tomatoes, coriander, avocado & lime mousse $25.00
Prosciutto and Prawn  Chilli, fresh rocket, parmesan and aged balsamic $26.00
Grande Mushroom, capsicum, onion, pineapple, ham, pepperoni and olives $26.00
Lamb Smoked lamb, feta, jalapenos, lemon pepper, house made apple-bourbon sauce $26.00

Desserts $9.90
Churros and Rum Truffles
With hot chocolate sauce and vanilla bean gelato

Chocolate moist cake and brownies with raspberry coulis and vanilla bean gelato

Pavlova (GF)
Meringue, passionfruit cream and fresh berries

Tiramisu .
Savoiardi, mascarpone cream, coffee pearls and chocolate corals

Mega Milkshake
Available as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, caramel or banana

Gelato and Sorbet (V*/GF)
$3 / scoop



Gluten Free (G) Vegetarian (V) Vegan Option (V)